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October 21st, 2011


OPP flower wrapping paper

OPP flower wrapping paper

custom pull bows
custom pull bowsOPP flower wrapping paper
custom paper shopping bags
custom paper shopping bags

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custom leather notebooks

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Flower’s word (G)

September 15th, 2011

GARDENIA – You’re Lovely, Secret Love

栀子 – 你可爱,秘密的爱

GARLIC – Courage, Strength

大蒜 – 勇气与力量

GERANIUM – Stupidity, Folly

天竺葵 – 愚蠢,荒唐

GLADIOLA – Give Me A Break, I’m Really Sincere, Flower Of The Gladiators

剑兰 – 让我休息一下,我是真挚的,斗士的花

GLOXINIA – Love At First Sight

大岩桐 – 一见钟情

GRASS – Submission

草 – 服从


opp wrapping paper with rose printed on

opp wrapping paper with rose printed on

NT to ban use of plastic bags by next July LINDSAY MURDOCH

August 30th, 2011

August 12, 2010
THE Northern Territory government will ban the use of plastic bags by July next year as part of its climate-change policy.

Environment Minister Karl Hampton said the ban would reduce the use of 40 million non-biodegradable plastic bags in the territory each year. Shops will not be allowed to sell them or give them away.

”We have already spoken extensively with peak industry and unions and believe that shoppers and retailers will embrace those changes that will make a big difference to the environment,” Mr Hampton said.

The Northern Territory move follows a similar ban in South Australia last year, where grocery stores charge 15 cents for reusable plastic bags.

Jon Dee, from the environmental organisation Do Something, said it was disappointing that federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett had failed to follow through with a promise to introduce a nationwide ban.

”Fortunately some states and territories are moving ahead despite inaction from both sides of federal politics,” Mr Dee said.

Ian Kiernan, chairman of Clean Up Australia, welcomed the Northern Territory’s move, saying plastic bags were serial killers because once a bag was ingested by an animal, the animal died and released the bag back into the environment to kill again.

”We’re in a crazy situation where it is estimated that Australians throw away over 7000 recyclable plastic bags a minute, with 429,000 recyclable plastic supermarket bags dumped into landfill every hour,” Mr Kiernan said.

In the territory, shoppers will have two main alternatives – reusable ”green” bags and biodegradable or compostable bags.

Italy to ban plastic shopping bags on January 1

July 30th, 2011

(Reuters Life!) – Italy, one of the top users of plastic shopping bags in Europe, is banning them starting January 1, with retailers warning of chaos and many stores braced for the switch. Italian critics say polyethylene bags use too much oil to produce, take too long to break down, clog drains and easily spread to become eye sores and environmental hazards.

Italians use about 20 billion bags a year — more than 330 per person — or about one-fifth of the total used in Europe, according to Italian environmentalist lobby Legambiente.

Starting on Saturday, retailers are banned from providing shoppers polyethylene bags. They can use bags made of such material as biodegradable plastic, cloth or paper.

Other European countries have tried voluntary schemes to cut plastic bag use, such as promoting reusable cotton bags. In 2002 Ireland imposed a levy on bags of 15 euro cents (20 U.S. cents) that cut use by 90 percent within a week.

“You are talking of a revolution that is already under way,” Legambiente scientific chief Stefano Ciafani said of the shift to biodegradable bags.

Two hundred municipalities out of Italy’s 8,000 have introduced their own plastic bag bans, including the cities of Turin and Venice, Ciafani said.

Many supermarket chains have started using biodegradable bags for shoppers even if not on a nationwide basis, Legambiente says on its website.


Legislation on the bag ban was set in December 2006 with an original deadline of January 2010. The halt was delayed because of industry opposition but was pushed through by Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo in a blanket decree last week.

Federdistribuzione, Italy’s retailers association, said the January 1 deadline could lead to “chaos” and poor service for shoppers given lack of detail in the decree, business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore said this week.

Italy’s rubber and plastics federation estimated the cost of changing over machines to make biodegradable bags was 30,000 euros ($39,440) to 50,000 euros per plant, the paper said.

Shops and shoppers seem prepared. The mid-size Billa supermarket on Milan’s bustling Via Torino is ready with white biodegradable bags costing 10 euro cents, twice the price for existing yellow plastic bags, Billa manager Aldo Vismara said.

“We will have them at the check-out from January 1, 2011, and we will replace the yellow ones,” he said.

On the downside of the shift, Vismara said there was the possibility the white bag could disintegrate in the rain.

Shoppers worried about the strength of the new bags.

“It’s a positive move if the bags are strong enough. The worry is, what happens if they break?” shopper Rosanna said, declining to give her family name.

Southampton, N.Y., adopts plastic bag ban

July 30th, 2011

Posted April 29, 2011

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. (Updated April 29, 11:25 a.m. ET) — Santa Clara County supervisors have passed a ban on plastic bags in unincorporated areas of the county, while a village in New York will prohibit retailers there from using non-biodegradable bags.

The bans are the fifth and sixth to be passed in the U.S. this year.

In Santa Clara, the board said the measure, which will go into effect Jan. 1, will affect 56 retailers who hand out an estimated 32,000 plastic bags annually. There is an exemption for plastic newspaper bags and for restaurants, non-profit groups and social organizations. The ban also will require that retailers charge at least 15 cents for paper bags in an effort to influence shoppers to use reusable bags.

The ban was passed by a 4-1 vote with board member Mike Wasserman — former mayor of Los Gates — dissenting. There was no opposition to the bill at the April 26 hearing.

Meanwhile, a Long Island village with a population of 4,000 has passed a measure prohibiting the use of non-biodegradable bags by retailers, markets and restaurants. The Southampton Village Board voted 5-0 for the ban. Merchants have six months to start using paper or reusable bags. Violators face a $1,000 fine and up to 14 days in jail.

The village said plastic bags pose a danger to marine and avian life and frequently are found littering public places. The non-profit Citizens Campaign for the Environment said Southampton is the first New York state municipality to implement a ban on plastic bags. It said a similar ban exists in Westport, Conn.

In Oregon, a bill that would ban plastic bags and require retailers to charge 5 cents for paper bags is stalled in the Senate Rules Committee after passing the Senate Environmental and Natural Resources Committee late last month.

Earlier in April, Newport Beach, Calif., declined to enact a bag on plastic bags, citing potential litigation issues.

Twenty-one U.S. communities have plastic bag bans, and Washington, D.C., has a 5-cent fee on paper and plastic carryout bags.


June 27th, 2011

FERN – Magic, Fascination, Confidence and Shelter, Grace

羊齿 – 魔力,魅力,自信与庇护,恩典

FERN MAIDENHAIR – Secret Bond Of Love

孔雀草 – 秘密的爱的契约


杉木 – 时间

FLAX – Domestic Symbol

亚麻 – 家庭的标志

FORGET ME NOT – True Love, Memories

勿忘我 – 真爱,记忆

FORSYTHIA – Anticipation

连翘 – 预料


(不知道) – 信任

wrapping paper for flowers

wrapping paper for flowers

Catalogue and Brochures

June 17th, 2011

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Flower word (D)

June 17th, 2011

DAFFODIL – Regard, Unrequited Love, You’re The Only One, The Sun Is Always Shining When I’m With You, Respect

水仙花 – 关心,不计报答的爱,你是我的唯一,和你在一起时总是阳光明媚,尊敬

DAISY – Innocence, Loyal Love, I’ll Never tell, Purity

雏菊 – 天真无邪,忠诚的爱,我永远不会说的,纯正

DANDELION – Faithfulness, Happiness

蒲公英 – 忠诚,幸福

dandelion printing flower wrapper

dandelion printing flower wrapper


枯萎的叶子 – 悲伤

Flower word (C)

June 10th, 2011

CACTUS – Endurance
仙人掌 – 忍耐

CAMELLIA – Admiration, Perfection, Good Luck Gift to a Man

茶花 – 赞赏,完美,给男人以好运气的礼物

CAMELLIA (PINK) – Longing For You

茶花(粉色) – 渴望着你

CAMELLIA (RED) – You’re A Flame In My Heart

茶花(红色) – 你是我心中的火焰

CAMELLIA (WHITE) – You’re Adorable

茶花(白色) – 你值得敬慕

CANDYTUFT – Indifference

白烛葵 – 不感兴趣

CARNATION (GENERAL) – Fascination, Womanized Love

康乃馨(一般的说) – 魅力使人柔弱的爱

CARNATION (PINK) – I’ll Never Forget You

康乃馨(粉色) – 我永远不会忘了你

CARNATION (RED) – My Heart Aches For You, Admiration

康乃馨(红色) – 我的心为你而痛,赞赏

CARNATION (PURPLE) – Capriciousness

康乃馨(紫色) – 任性


康乃馨(原色) – 是

CARNATION (STRIPPED) – No! Refusal, Sorry I Can’t Be With You

康乃馨(有斑纹) – 不!拒绝,我不能和你在一起

CARNATION (WHITE) – Sweet and Lovely, Innocence, Pure Love, Womanize Good Luck Gift

康乃馨(白色) – 甜蜜而可爱,天真无邪,纯洁的爱,给女性带来好运气的礼物

CARNATION (YELLOW) – You Have Disappointed Me, Rejection

康乃馨(黄色) – 你让我感到失望,抛弃

CATTAIL – Peace, Prosperity

香蒲 – 和平,幸运

CHRYSANTHEMUM (GENERAL) – You’re A Wonderful Friend, Cheerfulness and Rest

菊花(一般的说) – 你是个了不起的朋友,快活与放松


菊花(红色) – 我爱


菊花(白色) – 事实


菊花(黄色) – 忽视的爱

COREOPSIS – Always Cheerful

波斯菊 – 永远快乐

CROCUS – Cheerfulness, Gladness
番红花 – 快乐,高兴

CYCLAMEN – Resignation and Good Bye

仙客来 – 辞职与再见
flower packaging ribbon

Flower word (B)

May 3rd, 2011

BACHELOR BUTTON – Single Blessedness
BEGONIA – Beware
BLUEBELL – Humility

silk ribbon use to package rose

silk ribbon use to package rose