Kraft Paper tote Shopping bags FCS

Kraft Paper tote Shopping bags FCS

  • SIZE:  Choose our in stock or customized size
  • MATERIAL: 260GSM kraft paper
  • PACKING: 5pcs/pack
  • COLOR: customized design or logo print

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we are very flexible to size any type,Also we can supply more other colors if you want,Please contact us.
we have different sizes bags in stock:

Vertical design:

【size 1】12L*16H*5.7W      【size 2】15L*20H*6W

【size 3】20L*28H*10W       【size 4】28L*33H*10W    

【size 5】25L*32H*13W       【size 6】30L*40H*10W  

Horizontal desing:

【size 1】22L*18H*10W       【size 2】27L*21H*8W 

【size 3】32L*28H*11.5W    【size 4】40L*28H*12W   

【size 5】48L*35H*14W          

Square desing:

【size 1】15L*15H*15W  

【size 2】20L*20H*20W       【size 3】25L*25H*25W